On November 17th, , hosted by the Xi’an Municipal People’s Government, undertaken by the Xi’an State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission(SASAC), Xi’an Investment and Cooperation Bureau, and Shaangu Group, titled “Industry-led Cooperation & Technology-enabled development”, the 7th Silk Road International Expo, Shaanxi Xi’an State-owned Assets and Enterprises Comprehensive Reform Central Local Cooperation & Intelligent Energy Innovation Development Forum […]

Shaangu signed for world’s first set 300 MW man-made cavern compressed air energy storage project

Recently, Shaangu Power signed a contract with China Energy Construction Group to supply multiple sets of large-scale compressor units and supporting & auxiliary equipment for the “Gansu Jiuquan 300 MW Compressed Air Energy Storage(hereinafter referred to as CAES) Power Plant Demonstration Project” project, jointly promoting the high-quality development of the new energy and energy infrastructure industry by using the world’s advanced equipment and system solutions. […]

Project in Indonesian , Grid-connected power generation!

Through the 3#TRT unit’s successful grid-connected power generation& put-in-production of an Indonesian steel enterprise user, Shaangu team, who has been steadfast in Indonesia for more than 180 days understands that it is just another new starting point!   This project in Indonesia is one of the national “Belt and Road” key construction projects, it will establish a green, environmental, energy-efficient and […]

Serving the “Carbon-peaking & Carbon-neutrality” strategy, Shaangu sets new benchmark for the “Zero Carbon Park” Standard Pilot

On November 8, the 4th day of the 6th China International Import Expo, the 4th International Carbon Neutrality and Green Investment Conference with the theme of “Building the ‘Belt and Road’, Creating the Zero-Carbon Vision” kicked off at the National Convention and Exhibition Center. At the conference, the “Zero Carbon China” Standard Pilot was released, and the Xi’an Central Innovation […]

At the CIIE, Shaangu showcases the “Shaangu Solution” to the world

By the Huangpu River, thousands of merchants gather. The 6th China International Import Expo was held at the Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center. Exhibitors from 154 countries, regions, and international organizations have rushed to Shanghai, and more than 750 trading groups have signed up for procurement, a record high in scale. Since the launch of […]

Focusing on the ” Belt and Road”, the Turkish project has been successfully tested

Since the end of last century, Shaangu has entered the market of Turkey, provided nearly 100 sets of large-scale equipment for more than 10 users in Turkey, and obtains solid friendship with users in Turkey. Lately, great news came from the user’s site in Turkey, large-scale axial compressor units provided by Shaangu supporting new blast furnaces of a steel enterprise user in Turkey, have made a […]

The list of “China’s Top 500 Machinery Enterprises” released, and Shaangu Group makes it to the 41st Place

Lately, co-sponsored by the People’s Government of Guizhou Province and China Machinery Industry Enterprise Management Association, the “2023 World Class Enterprises and China’s Top 500 Machinery Enterprises” research report conference was grandly held in the city of Guiyang. At the conference, the list of “China’s Top 500 Machinery Enterprises” has been released, with Shaangu Group, Shaangu Power, Shaanxi Qinfeng Industrial Gas, […]

Shaangu EKOL company successfully signed some important project of the” Belt and Road”

Recently, Shaangu EKOL successfully signed a steam turbine power generation project for some chemical company located in Europe. It will provide users with the system solutions and long-term services, including unit modification and upgrading, improve the overall efficiency of the exiting unit, reduce energy consumption, and assist users to develop in a green and high-quality way. This is also the largest project of turbine generator unit modification  undertaken by […]

Shaangu O&M team builds “Dreams” overseas and wins recognition and praise from users with their capabilities!

The project site is located on the equator line, with annual temperature of 27-37 ℃, strong UV radiation, typical tropical rain forest climate, hot and rainy all year round. Project manager Dong Haibo leads team members to stick to the project site all year round to provide professional + integrated operation services for users. They fully response to the […]

Made by Shaangu!-Major Equipment of Great Power-The world’s first 300MW compressed air energy storage equipment’s core component officially went offline.

On September 20th, in the presence of users, multiple large compressor units provided by Shaangu for the “Hubei Yingcheng 300MW Compressed Air Energy Storage Power Plant Demonstration Project” were successfully taken offline in the final assembly workshop. This is the world’s first 300MW-scale non-supplementary fired compressed air energy storage demonstration project, using the world’s first, fully green, non-supplementary combustion, and […]